And in this light there was revealed a time and consideration for acceptance. A moment when all that was love was seen in the material and in the ability to accept.

To turn away from the pain and fatigue that is within us and to resort to the eternal definition of equanimity. A contribution of such great consequence that all is seen in love and light. And to acknowledge this pace for the purity of the whole and the integrity of the one.

Within the love of the universe there is the conformity to link to the ease of the good and the serene. In the procession of hope and without the delusion of doubt we feel that which has come to be in this time– concord. A peace that is vast and long with entitlement. A peace that may bring understanding and love in the darkest matters. To move with freedom and light is the proper course.

Release the unknown, release to that which was in fear, and release chaos.

A new awareness is upon us and in this awakening we find ourselves, naked and burgeoning with right way. In this birth lies the truth that has always been revealed and we are here. (Written on June 18, 2010)


Be with the understanding that motion and movement are needed.  As in a new beginnings– situations that are seen for the first time bear strength in assimilation to a process that moves in a new direction.  To see the circumstances as presented with voice of intuition and absent of the residual system is required to set patterns that are in the intention of the path set before you.

Turn from doubt as it is in the realm of fear.  Pattern yourself in the light, as the shadow cannot exist if light prevails.  Let go of the connections that require approval.  See the events that occur now as that; and only present.  Set new directive in the environment that you belong to now.

Trust is needed in the times when doubt and speculation are free to try to control you.  Find sight.  (Written on October 10, 2005)

Start – you are here in the presence of your gift in the existence of trial.
Start – there is no negative – association, speech, or action.
Start – the time is the issue of the universal; your time in earth is precise and organized.
Start – your discernment is unequivocal.
Start – you are without ego.
Start – there is nothing to say in the absence of purpose and joy.
Start – ever with the presumption that you are present in the movement and development that is needed.

Delivery of peace is needed. (Written on August 4, 2004– 8.06a.m.)

Rest in the light– knowing that all is provided for and that you are in harmony and satisfaction.  Be in this love and understand that you are in the placement of the unconditional and the resolve of fulfillment.  To see that you are in the steps that were given to you is solution.  Be one and in the condition that you are in connection to all through the universal entitlement and commitment.  To know that you are in the glory that has been placed in the convention of change is here.  Within this time you are neither reason nor doubt.  You are not the peril and the pursuit.  You are the achievement to see beyond what has come to be seen and called typical.

A new time and a new method prevail.

Turn from doubt and fear – never again to let them reign over you.  (Written on June 4, 2010)

Understand the bridge that is needed; reasons of precise timing and instrumentation.  Be in this love.  Feel the light of the universe.  Understand that which is in this time is for the peace and the equanimity.

State the truth.  Shed the negative.

Understand these limitations and free yourself .

In the obliteration of the negative there is light.  (Written on March 15, 2010)

And in this light determination could be seen.  What has come to pass in the wake of disappointment is within this time to bring understanding and become whole.

All in the light there is love, and in this love the entitlement to be seen.  For all that is in the place of love is with intention for steadfastness and contentment.

Recalibrate– Simply come into terms with a change that has been seen from a distance.  Bring devotion to yourself and find strength in the action of keeping body and soul together.  Bring joy into the repetitive so that it may be altered and change shall preside.

As in this faith, you are seen as hope and opportunity for eternal reformation.  See that you are in the marvel of opportunity.  Believe.

(Written on November 17, 2010)

Innovative Humanity – acknowledge all life and realize the evolution in philosophy begins with you.

These admonitions come as a gift to you.

As in thoughts of the condition of being free of constraints; non-attachment  – you are in the light.

Recommit.  Re-engage.  Reconnect.  Reunite.  Reconfirm.

Gather strength for forward movement.  All that you have – you are given in the process of love.  (Written on January 19, 2004)

For that which has come to be in the understanding of the light, take hold of this commitment.  See here; for the clarity is available.  In this time there is direction and the need to ascertain, that which is needed in the purpose and the fulfillment of all. Sow your seeds, be one in the brightness.  In that which has come to be revealed– the power and stability.  Mend.

Commit to all
Commit to one
Commit to your sense of self that is prevalent

(Written on February 19, 2010– In meditation)

All that has come to be in the place of the endemic darkness and lack of litheness becomes obsolete.  Remand that which is needed and seek to understand that fluidity and love are the condition of that which is prevailing and determined.

Love is the center of that which is needed in this test; and you are the heart that may be understood.  Leave here with the provision of purpose.

See only that which is necessary.
Seek only that which is necessary.
Place only that which is necessary.

In condition and orientation; you are whole and this is by design and specific undertaking.

Take flight and see here that one is all.  (Written on February 18, 2010)

A message that liberates the tide of chaos and uncertainty.  A pledge that allows the devotion to light to be seen.

The love that renders the constraints of malice is without power.  A time that there was a seed to change and there was a certainty that good was alive.

Set in the light of peace is the conviction to the resounding path that leads into the light in this time of change.

A motion that becomes the cause for unyielding good and the surface of a new frontier.  In this time one can be seen as the position that all stems from and that all unites within.

Be in this time and understand that as there is good there is a source that sends to all the connection for light and peace. (Written on October 19, 2009)