You are seen as whole. The association with all is within your impertinence in the material state. Hold true, as you are spirit and all in the motion of the universe and the light of the divine. See clearly that all systems of faith and hope are the steps that you proceed with in the positive. You are love, and in consideration of the light, and in the content of which all is created.

Be in this truth and rely of the love that has been seen by you– in yourself, in others, in nature, and in spirit. Bring this time to be as a whole expression of your intention for equanimity.

In this time you are conviction and in the purpose of dedication. See clearly that you are in the sight and agenda that may lead to a delivery that is in the meaning of all humanity and with this hope prominence shall arrive. You are in the light, and in the devotion of the universe.

Stay true to that which you understand to believe in faith and concern yourself with the intentions that are aligned with the balance of all. (Written on October 15, 2010)