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Understand the bridge that is needed; reasons of precise timing and instrumentation.  Be in this love.  Feel the light of the universe.  Understand that which is in this time is for the peace and the equanimity.

State the truth.  Shed the negative.

Understand these limitations and free yourself .

In the obliteration of the negative there is light.  (Written on March 15, 2010)


And in this light determination could be seen.  What has come to pass in the wake of disappointment is within this time to bring understanding and become whole.

All in the light there is love, and in this love the entitlement to be seen.  For all that is in the place of love is with intention for steadfastness and contentment.

Recalibrate– Simply come into terms with a change that has been seen from a distance.  Bring devotion to yourself and find strength in the action of keeping body and soul together.  Bring joy into the repetitive so that it may be altered and change shall preside.

As in this faith, you are seen as hope and opportunity for eternal reformation.  See that you are in the marvel of opportunity.  Believe.

(Written on November 17, 2010)

Innovative Humanity – acknowledge all life and realize the evolution in philosophy begins with you.

These admonitions come as a gift to you.

As in thoughts of the condition of being free of constraints; non-attachment  – you are in the light.

Recommit.  Re-engage.  Reconnect.  Reunite.  Reconfirm.

Gather strength for forward movement.  All that you have – you are given in the process of love.  (Written on January 19, 2004)

For that which has come to be in the understanding of the light, take hold of this commitment.  See here; for the clarity is available.  In this time there is direction and the need to ascertain, that which is needed in the purpose and the fulfillment of all. Sow your seeds, be one in the brightness.  In that which has come to be revealed– the power and stability.  Mend.

Commit to all
Commit to one
Commit to your sense of self that is prevalent

(Written on February 19, 2010– In meditation)

All that has come to be in the place of the endemic darkness and lack of litheness becomes obsolete.  Remand that which is needed and seek to understand that fluidity and love are the condition of that which is prevailing and determined.

Love is the center of that which is needed in this test; and you are the heart that may be understood.  Leave here with the provision of purpose.

See only that which is necessary.
Seek only that which is necessary.
Place only that which is necessary.

In condition and orientation; you are whole and this is by design and specific undertaking.

Take flight and see here that one is all.  (Written on February 18, 2010)