And in this light there was revealed a time and consideration for acceptance. A moment when all that was love was seen in the material and in the ability to accept.

To turn away from the pain and fatigue that is within us and to resort to the eternal definition of equanimity. A contribution of such great consequence that all is seen in love and light. And to acknowledge this pace for the purity of the whole and the integrity of the one.

Within the love of the universe there is the conformity to link to the ease of the good and the serene. In the procession of hope and without the delusion of doubt we feel that which has come to be in this time– concord. A peace that is vast and long with entitlement. A peace that may bring understanding and love in the darkest matters. To move with freedom and light is the proper course.

Release the unknown, release to that which was in fear, and release chaos.

A new awareness is upon us and in this awakening we find ourselves, naked and burgeoning with right way. In this birth lies the truth that has always been revealed and we are here. (Written on June 18, 2010)