This blog contains my writings that are intended for universal equanimity and to further the balance and peace of humanity.

The writings occur in a way that is stimulated and moved by tonal qualities and rhythms.

They are vibrational, like a rhythmic song that has bypassed the brain, which would censor its non-linearity.  The messages flow from the molecular—not the cognitive– level.  The writing is from a higher source.  The words touch me, and have moved and touched others.  If you find them dense keep reading and embrace the mood and tone of the passages.

They are better when read out loud and without laboring on the meaning of each word and sentence.

Let the writing positively influence you without questioning the process.  Find a quiet clearance and read it like listening to a beautiful piece of music or drinking a lovely glass of wine.  Not to analyze it rather you are touched or affected by it.

I believe that giving space for these writings to move you in a positive way will allow you to contribute to others in a positivity and thereby creating a collective consciousness that forms the inner peace of all.