Situations give rise to the full realization that you are on the side of fate.  The providence of the need to look inward is outweighing the chaos and disarray of the outward appearance of the human condition.  Set in this realization is connection and cohesiveness to the unseen need– balance and in understanding.

Pace– as you are respectful of the shift and stride and embrace the meaning of the circumstances. (Written on October 4, 2005)

Can you to trust that you have the answers if you look inward rather than continuing to hear the noise of the outside world?


It is an image that incorporates the whole of the human experience to a motion that may continue in a fluid cycle.

A calm that lacks poise or elegance but comes together in continuity and direction in worthy.  A prosperity that moves the human vibration forward– not that the destination is the emphasis but rather that the unification and harmonious consideration is experience.

Changing the patterns of the human predicament, changing the expressions that have become toxic and chaotic.

Bringing into the light and the assimilation of peace.  To thrive in the growth that allows the change that we believe is needed. (Written on July 1, 2009)

You are seen as whole. The association with all is within your impertinence in the material state. Hold true, as you are spirit and all in the motion of the universe and the light of the divine. See clearly that all systems of faith and hope are the steps that you proceed with in the positive. You are love, and in consideration of the light, and in the content of which all is created.

Be in this truth and rely of the love that has been seen by you– in yourself, in others, in nature, and in spirit. Bring this time to be as a whole expression of your intention for equanimity.

In this time you are conviction and in the purpose of dedication. See clearly that you are in the sight and agenda that may lead to a delivery that is in the meaning of all humanity and with this hope prominence shall arrive. You are in the light, and in the devotion of the universe.

Stay true to that which you understand to believe in faith and concern yourself with the intentions that are aligned with the balance of all. (Written on October 15, 2010)

And in this life there is love.

Accept what you are. Link to peace through your kinetic placements and vibration. Hear the minuet detail that lends itself to love and call for a moment in time when you may be heard. Recognize life and understand your time and place. Be in this moment for the consideration of all that is essential in balance.

In this time ask for that which is needed, in this time receive that which is needed, and in this time be that which is needed.

You are love and in the song of light you are seen as component. Be one entity – conduit for love.


(Written on April 7, 2010)

Do you allow yourself the openness to accept what and where you are?

Today, in this current climate of societal malaise, find peace in your process and brighten your way with the intention that your actions are all that matter.  See each step that you take as an understanding path to the benefit of all.  –Angelica

Through meditation and love one may come to be in balance.  Insight within the connection from the personal to the divine is essential.  In this time there is agreement and knowledge.  To be in the presence of the influence that may lead to the ultimate condition of contentment is within the design of this time and there is the understanding for the love that is here.  To enable oneself to embrace the conformity that is needed to express true love is the ultimate acknowledgement and self-expression.  To be in consideration that the source vibration that reaches to all is the vibration that is within us for development and for extension to others, so that all may be in the presence of the light and in the divine.

To be love into this energy is self-described and unique contribution.  With the horizon of peace there is opportunity for individual manifestation of the vibration of firmament.  In the clarity that each single action is within the individual contribution is seen.  For one act to encompass the universal flow is residual and may be gained upon by each action there after.  To create the possibility of positive correlation one need only set in the purity of the divine and unfold.  To hold into that which is altruistic and light is the promise of the contentment of all.  Be seen as peace and hear that you are in the peaceable state.  Unto all you are shown as love and in this time you are in the manifestation of redesign and interchange.  See clearly in this communication

– you are divinity and the understanding that all may come to be as a whole in the devotion to peace.  (Written on August 7, 2010)